The Magic Tool Bus is a 25-ft decomissioned Portland TriMet shuttle bus, converted into a tiny home and mobile maker lab. Our goal is build a space a we love to be in, complete with all the comforts of home- electricity, lighting, heating, cooling, running water, flush toilet, hot shower, laundry…

Figuring out how to do that in a tiny, constantly-moving space is an ongoing design challenge! We are documenting the solutions we come up with here, open-source, in hopes that our successes and mistake will be helpful to others facing similar design challenges.

If you are building out a tiny home or bus, and would like us to help design custom solutions for your mobile off-grid infrastructure, check out our Design + Build section!

Tech Specs

450W Solar Array

Reversible Heat Pump

Instant Pot Duo

Coolant Water Heater

Sink and Faucet

2000W Sinewave Inverter

Reversible Heat Pump

Adsorption Refrigerator

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