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The Magic Tool Bus is a 25-ft decomissioned Portland TriMet shuttle bus that Sam Smith and Claire Cassidy converted into a tiny home, mobile maker lab and platform for DIY open-source sustainable infrastructure starting in January of 2018 wikipedia german for free.

Our goal is build a space we love to be in that showcases the reasons we love DIY and open-source maker culture, dovetailing with our passion for small-scale regenerative (or at least sustainable) rapidly deployable accessable infrastructure herunterladen.

We know that’s a mouthful. It’s all quite intentional 😉

We aim to create a space complete with all the comforts of home- electricity, lighting, heating, cooling, running water, flush toilet, hot shower, laundry, workspace, storage, 3D printer, CnC router, extensive tool library, electronics station…you know, the usual schreibprogramm kostenlos downloaden word. All of this with a sustainable, small scale, open-source maker twist. We aren’t experts on most of this, we just know we can figure it out!

With a hearty 450 watts of solar coming in from the roof we store loads of beautiful sunshine in a 720amp hour 12v AGM battery bank and power all interior systems, including all of our tools, projects and instant pot, off of the SUN youtube video downloaden mp3!

The bus is home to the Trash Printer, an open-source recycled plastic 3D printer designed by Sam and inspired by the Precious Plastic movement kostenlos downloaden. It is documented, online and available for free for anyone to build, modify and explore.

And even cooler, the bus is often home to The MetabolizerThe goal of the Metabolizer project is to develop an open-source, rapidly-deployable emergency infrastructure system that can meet as many human needs as possible by breaking down trash and locally-available biomass several programs at the same time.

You can absolutely support the bus, us and Sam’s ongoing open-source designs over on Patreon herunterladen

The bus is also an ongoing grassroots education project for all these things we are so passionate about, like tiny living, accessable sustainability, community empowerment, regenerative infrastructure, open-source hardware, maker culture, small-scale plastic recycling, and so many related topics herunterladen.

Both of us have experience teaching, workshopping, and exhibiting all these things that we believe in, are fun to learn about and important for people to have access to amazon app for windows 10!

Feel free to contact us if this resonates with you, your project or your event.


Claire Cassidy

Claire just wants to push her nefarious agenda of sustainable abundant vulnerable living through hands on open-source everything and rigorous scheduling. Lasers, LEDs, drones, microcontrollers, feelings, engaging with climate change and mental health are all passions. Oh, and running a geeky lasercutting jewelry business. And working as a fullstack software developer. Sometimes.


Sam Smith

Just living in a magic tool bus down by the river, trying to design open source systems to allow people to meet their needs for food, water, shelter, energy, information and care as easily as possible without ecological damage. Claire thinks he’s the absolute bees knees and deserves a ton of recognition for his endless hard work to better the world, and she’s the one curating this page. So HA!


Some Tech Specs:

450W Solar Array

Diesel Drip Heater

2000W Sinewave Inverter

Instant Pot Duo

Repurposed Copper Sink and Faucet with Foot Pump

Coolant Water Heater

Open-Source Infinite* Shower Loop (Check out ShowerLoop.org!)

High Efficiency AC/DC Compresser Fridge

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