This page is for information pertaining to hiring our services as designers, if you are a grassroots movement interested in building a maker bus or educational vehicle of any kind and can’t afford this kind of thing, feel free to just contact us and we’ll see how we can help out wo kann man pc spiele kostenlosen vollversionen.

Building out a tiny home or mobile living space presents a set of unique design challenges herunterladen. Solutions must be affordable, lightweight, modular, and in most cases, that means they must be designed in a way that is compeltely different from how living spaces are traditionally built cadez 3d software gratisen. Household electrical, plumbing, lighting, and heating solutions are often unworkable or simply unnecessary.

While this can be daunting and frustrating, it also offers an incredible opportunity to design a living space that is customized to fit your exact needs, desires, and specifications download on youtube. We do our best to share and document the solutions that we’ve come up with to meet our needs in the Tool Bus in hopes that information will guide and inspire your design process kostenlos herunterladen 4 bilder 1 wort. However, that information can only ever be so useful to you, since your space and needs will always be different from ours!

If you would like help solving your specific design challenges, we offer custom mobile infrastructure design consulting, detailed planning, and we can even help you build your system cadwork version 26 herunterladen. Or you can build it yourself! We work in a step-by-step design process, so you can choose how much you want to do, and how much you want us to do.


1-Hour Design Consultation- $50

Starting a project and just want to talk to someone to who can point you in the right direction wie kann ich etwas von soundcloud herunterladen? We start with a 1-hour design consultation, were we identify and define your specific design challenge- your goals, parameters, and constraints. Buckminster Fuller once said “A problem clearly defined is a problem nearly solved.” Once we’ve defined your problem, I can offer solutions, ideas, and areas for you to research herunterladen. From there, you can continue on your own, or you can comission more detailed design sketches.

System Design Sketches- $250

Once we’ve clearly defined your goals, you can commission a set of detailed design sketches filme von netflix downloaden. In this process, we’ll work up a set of design strategies tailored to your needs and give you options to choose from. This process includes up to 3 revisions matlab student. At each step we’ll present a set of possible solutions, let you give feedback and select from a range of possibilities, and then work those possibilities down towards tangible, actionable plans.


Detailed Design Plan and Buy-list recommendations. (Price varies by project)

Once we have settled on a design strategy, you can commission a custom build. The first step is to work up a project proposal- these will include detailed buy-lists, estimated costs, where you can source them

Custom Build/Installation (Price varies by project)